Corporate Development / Strategic Planning

MarketPoint can increase your capabilities by optimizing your teams and systems for maximum insight and action.

  • Business model creation/optimization
  • Arrange and manage strategic alliances
  • Identify, define and execute M&A plan
  • Secure corporate financing
  • Conduct and synthesize interviews with external analysts, industry experts, and customers

Insight & Analytics

We bring objectivity, intellectual rigor and analytical skills that come from practical, hands-on experience to your strategic planning process.

  • Opportunity analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Segmentation
  • Demand models
  • Target market definition
  • Sales funnel creation and analysis
  • Marketing analytics
  • Price & COGs analysis
  • Feasibility studies

Market & Product Development

  • Is your strategy being translated into action?
  • Are you capitalizing on your highest-value opportunities?
  • Is your business model set up to maximize your growth?
  • What is your in/out phasing plan for your markets or products?
  • Are you delivering everything your customers want?
  • Where can you achieve the greatest, sustaining impact?


Need more operational performance?

  • Product Optimization - feature/function, price, COGs, production throughput.
  • Market Optimization - opportunity analysis, testing, new market expansion.
  • Marketing & Sales Optimization -  roadmaps, acquisition and retention analysis, target market definition,  reporting.
  • Team Optimization - organizational design, collaboration techniques, performance coaching.
  • Financial Optimization - advanced modeling and forecasting.

Real Estate Services

For over 20-years MarketPoint has been providing insight to the most talented developers in the world. We have helped shape the direction of over 96 real estate projects in 7 countries and have in-depth analytical knowledge in every stage of the development process.

Our expertise is about providing you with actionable insight to make smarter decisions.

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Clarity in thought and action is a powerful combination.

We assist our clients by providing clarity and insight to the business issues and cut through the clutter and complexity so that you can lead with the most informed decisions.

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Strategic execution is one of our greatest strengths; our goal is to make it one of yours too.

Innovation thrives when people think outside the box and put down rigid hierarchies and methodologies.

We don’t follow recipes, that’s not what we do.  We lead with critical thinking and focus on the action and outcome.

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Value Created

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